Dear Guest:

3 12 2009

My second schooner attempt

"After the Storm"

Karsten Kittelsen

is an artist specializing in seascapes, nature and wildlife.  His current preferred medium is oil on canvas and canvas board, but he is also experimenting with watercolors.  A trainer at heart, he is looking forward to authoring and conducting courses in how to paint seascapes in oils, and branching out from there.  This blog will keep you posted as new works are completed and courses become available.

If you wish to contact the artist with comments, suggestions, or if you want to purchase any works posted on this blog, please contact him via e-mail at or by phone at 207-266-6027.




7 responses

1 01 2010
Kaare Kittelsen

Happy New Year and very good luck with your blog

1 01 2010
David M. Blackshear

I don’t think my first comment went through. What a wonderful rendering! I had never seen you art before; quite impressive. Check out my blog at

1 01 2010
Fred Cox

That’s a beautiful schooner on your main page, Karsten. The painting is very well done. Is that the Bluenose?

2 01 2010

Yes – it’s the Bluenose II, done right after I took a brief sailing trip on her out of Halifax harbor. She was built in Lunenberg, NS by the same outfit that built the original, from the same drawings. Bluenose I, of major racing fame, went down many years ago, I believe. The Bluenose is featured on one of Canada’s large coins, either the dollar or the “twonie”.

2 01 2010

Kit, I am very impressed with your paintings. Good luck. I never knew you could paint so well. Keep up the good work.

3 01 2010
Ken Shippey

Happy New Year to you both. We enjoyed your Christmas visit. Good luck on your new venture.

6 01 2010

Great start for your webpage. Mary and I have talked about how much we like your seascapes. Say hi to J for us. See you all later this month.

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