Old Painting…

15 10 2010

In 1996, while in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I painted this moose picture from the Cape Breton highlands.

Bull Moose, 1996


This one found a home in Harold Tyler’s camp in Wesley, Maine.

I recently took these photos while on a moosehunt (successful!) with the Tylers (Harold, Evans, and Jeremy, the permit holder, and his buddy Joe, the sub-permittee.


Blueberry Barrens (8 x 10 – $125 framed)

9 10 2010

Our son Darrell was here this week, and he and I painted together in my studio (the porch).  We picked a photo of a blueberry barren with a “camp” on it, on the way to Machias, Maine.  Here is my version.


I painted the sky, then underpainted darks with purple and lights with yellow.

Then I painted the rest of the scene on top of the underpainting.

Blueberry Barren after Harvest

After harvest, blueberry bushes take on vivid hues of blazing orange, red, and purple – an amazing view as you drive along country roads.  The “camp” is no longer there; it burned or was torn down a year or two ago.

This one is now at the Gray Wolf Gallery in Addison for the open house Saturday, October 16.  It is priced at $125.