The artist on his lobster boat

Karsten received his education in Europe, Canada, and the United States.  As a teenager, he worked closely with a group of artists from Oslo, Norway, who had established their summer residences on the island where Karsten grew up, getting his first exposure to oils.  Later in life, he studied under June Carter, John McNeil, and others in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  He was particularly influenced by the internationally recognized marine painter William DeGarth of Peggy’s Cove fame.  In the late nineties and early 2000’s he studied the impressionists (focusing on Edouard Manet and Claude Monet) at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Most recently, he has taken classes from the successful west coast seascape painter E. John Robinson.

Karsten currently resides and works in Downeast Maine, painting seascapes along the rugged coastline as well as landscapes and wildlife from the forests and rivers of Maine.


4 responses

10 01 2010

I didn’t know you had studied painting with at all these different places. No wonder you are so good. I really enjoy seeing your work.

12 01 2010

Well, it’s not that I have a Masters of Fine Arts, or anything. It’s more a matter of taking every opportunity to study the masters, read their books, visit the museums, and take every available workshop that you can work in. Unfortunately, for me, they have been few and far between. Only now do I have some time to devote to my hobby, which I am trying to turn into a full time pursuit. Wish me luck!

7 03 2011
unni madsen

jeg var nettop paa Skype med Kaare ,vet ikke omjeg har den Karsten som jeg ser etter ,men skulle waere moro og hore fra deg . din kusine i canada


9 03 2011

Hei, Unni! You got the right Karsten – there aren’t that many of us… Nice to hear from you, after all these years! Send me an email at Kittelsen@aol.com, so we can establish real contact. (I also have a Facebook account, but I am not very active.)

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